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Applied Bank Unsecured Classic Visa Credit Card

It’s not easy to obtain a credit card if you have bad credit or no credit. This is even more so the case if you’re interested in an unsecured (no security deposit required) credit card.

Fortunately, you have plenty of options, with the Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card at the top of the list. Not only is this an unsecured credit card, but it’s backed by Applied Bank and powered by Visa.

Features and Benefits of the Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card

It doesn’t make sense to apply for a credit card until you understand its features and benefits. And that’s definitely true with the Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card, as there are many of these to get you excited.

Here is why this credit card offer has become so popular:

  • Get Pre-Qualified in Less Than a Minute
  • A $300 Unsecured Credit Line which can be used at Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Discount Stores, ATM’s and Online!
  • A REAL Visa® Credit Card with Automatic Reporting to all Three National Credit Bureaus
  • No Penalty Rate. Your Rate Won’t Go Up Even If You are Late
  • Access Additional Credit With On-Time Payments and Responsible Usage
  • A True Unsecured EMV enabled (chip) Visa Credit card
  • Does not require perfect credit for approval
  • Fixed APR and Manageable Monthly Payments

1. Fast Approval

It only takes a few minutes to complete an application. From there, a decision is typically made within less than a minute.

So, if everything checks out, you can find yourself opening an account within the next few minutes. That’s much better than many credit cards that take several hours or even days to receive a decision.

2. Credit Reporting

All activity associated with your Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card account is reported to the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

With this, all three credit bureaus stay current with activity associated with your account. And as long as you’re being responsible, that’s a good thing. It allows you to use your credit card as a means of boosting your credit score and establishing a credit history.

3. Fixed APR

With a fixed APR, you never have to worry about your interest rate rising in the future. This helps you better budget your money, thus allowing you stay current with payments.

4. No Penalty Rate

You don’t want to get into the habit of missing payments or making late payments, but even if this happens the Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card has you covered.

There is no penalty rate, meaning that your APR will never increase even if you’re late on a payment.

5. 24/7 Online Account Access

This is expected in today’s day and age, and you get everything you could want (plus more) thanks to a robust online system.

Your online account dashboard provides information on everything from your balance to your current interest rate to your due date. Furthermore, you can make payments directly from your dashboard, which is both fast and efficient.

Other features of the Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card include:

  • Access to additional credit with responsible use
  • No security deposit required
  • Email reminders when payments are due

Are There Any Drawbacks?

If you have poor credit or no credit, you’re likely to find that the features of the Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card stack up nicely against the competition.

What do you think about the Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card? Could it be the credit card you’ve been searching for?

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22 thoughts on “Credit Spotlight: Applied Bank® Unsecured Classic Visa® Card”

  1. Your information was very informative and it taught me a whole lot thank you very much I’m just really having an issue with it I was denied once and whatever reason I can’t get any card to help me as of now

      1. Yeah I am just praying and hoping that you guys take me and my Incorporation seriously! We will work hard and try our best to meet/exceed any and all expectations so please give a chance to prove our selves to you guys and the whole world!

    1. I seem to have the same issue that you do. I did finally have someone approve me, but it was a store credit. Stoneberry and they have other stores within their shopping site. Mason’s Easy pay, Massey’s, Fifth and Glam, and one other one I can’t remember right now. And FingerHut will give you a chance in most cases, too. I had to put 30$ down on the Fingerhut, but it was worth it to boost my credit score. I am at a standstill again with my score just barely moving. I don’t ever see my Stoneberry account on any credit reports, or credit sites that I watch my score on, though. And I had completely paid off my first bill with them, so I have excellent credit with them and don’t see it showing up anywhere. I also signed up for a site called kikoff that is supposed to help with building your credit score by helping you with having low utilization. They let you buy one of their books and give you a 500$ credit limit, so that you just make a small payment every month and keep your utilization low. I even like their books because they help with budgeting, credit, saving, buying a house, etc. Funny thing is they said they report to all three credit bureaus and I have yet to see it show up on anything. The only one that has shown up is Fingerhut. So, I would suggest trying that one first and going from there. Hope this helps at least a little!

      1. Same here Fingerhut is the only 1 to show but I was told our credit scores only come out twice a year and last week was one of those times. Get Experian because that’s where I was told I had excellent chance of a capital one unsecured card and I got it but anyother cards I get denied but before the capital one card it’s the Fingerhut card that raised my credit up 150pts

      1. I had credit One and was a few days late on a payment and they started harassing me with multiple phone calls a day. Which is not legal and I sued them and won.

    2. I got a Fingerhut card with terrible credit and because I had that card and did not use it my credit went up 150pts to fair and with that I applied for a Capital One “UNSECURED” Platinum card and was approved for a $300 limit, but another card I try I get denied

  2. I need a credit card with money on it. I don’t have good credit and my credit score is poor. I want to to buy new furniture and change all the decorations mine are way out of date. If I can get a card loaded with money I could buy alot off FB ..They have some very nice things.

    1. Get the Open Sky card, it is a secured card and u just have to put 200 to open it,y score went up 50 points. It is really worth it! Then u can always add money to it and then try the surge card. Hope it helped!

  3. yes is there anyway to apply my surity depoit of 8900 to my card so i can use it im just in a situation where i realy need this i hope you can help me

  4. Cb about 500. In hospital for about 6 months due to stroke. Trying to trade stablish credit. J B.

  5. I am currently in a situation that is very frustrating I have been paying on my back child support for many years which and almost paid off my 21 I was excited while thinking all along I am just a few payments of child support being able to establish my credit in which I never have done so but as my family has been bugging me about how important is to establish credit I recently find out after checking my credit report for the first time in my life I find someone has stole my personal information over a year ago a number has put a P G & E Electric along with a Xfinity cable bill in my name as of 2 months ago they also never paid it and now it has went into collections I am very discouraged and upset to find how difficult the credit bureaus along with P G & E and Xfinity make it so difficult and time-consuming to get this off my credit neither of these companies have I ever had an account with and I’m very upset about it I’ve never had a credit card or used my credit. Do I have a very poor 549 score I’m very upset go figure I can’t even get a credit card

    1. Dispute the account’s with Experian. That’s what I done when faced with the same problem. Best wishes

  6. I have seen supposedly opportunities such as this one and have a plied and been denied all I have is a lot of medical bills student loan is even cleared up I’m going to apply for this card because you state that the credit need it is poor to bad I believe. But if I’m denied this card I think I’m gonna look into what I can do about taking up on offer such as this one and being disappointed

  7. Try Fingerhut it not only brought up my credit I also have to replace all my furniture and decor plus clothing. If you don’t immediately use it it brings up your credit

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