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    1. Please give me a credit card I’m trying to establish my credit back to get it right just give me a try and I’ll prove to you that I make my payments on time thank you

  1. I am tring to get a credit card with a $1500 limit on it so that I can start building my credit back up I’m a single parent with 3 children that live with me and I would really like the opportunity to prove myself to you thank you

  2. Can you please get me a credit card I need it very bad for my Doctor visit when I don’t have money because I have lupus and I have to be seen by the doctor thank you if you can help

      1. I’m lookng for a credit card i’ve had several but of course i ended up losing them bc i couldn’t pay them i’ve had discover indigo premun(first bank) but maybe there is one out there yet i didn’t have

  3. Working on my credit looking for the best one to help me regain my credit score.Thanks for the ur and consideration.

  4. I Need Help Rebuilding My Credit Back Up. So I Resonaly Payed Off My HSN Credit Account. I Use To Have A Visa Credit Card Along Time Ago. Where I Payed Monthly Payments With $2500 Credit Line. I Was Hoping I Can Do It Again. Any Amount Will That Will Get Me Back On Track Will Be Appreciated.
    Thank You
    Ms. Coester Chambers

  5. It’s Hard being sick and helping My 4 kids when they need help. Give me a boost I will not let you down.

  6. I would like to start having credit, so can you please send me a credit card now please,i have never had a credit card thanks for your help..

  7. I’m in desperate need to get a credit card please,I’m disabled and can’t walk and need help to live

  8. I need help what is on my credit score is false I got my own check last year I always had a payee so i had no income

  9. I am sick with diabetes and cancer and I have no health insurance or ebt left so I need the card to eat healthy and manage my symptoms,thank you for your time and consideration

  10. I need someone to give me a credit card with just a small unsecured limit so I can prove I can make my payments on time to help get my credit started. Please someone give me a chance.

  11. Want credit card to start Christmas shopping got 7 grandkids 2-14yr olds 2-12yrs old 10 yrold 9 yrsold 11month old plus 3 kids

  12. I always out of money when my 2 daughters need things for high school or personal products
    Could use extra help sometimes between pay checks.

  13. Since the covid19 virus has cut my hrs dwn my bills and no food and supplies are low I need help to get me caught bk up and I’m wanting to improve my credit I nd someone to have faith in me

  14. I need a credit card in the worst way.. I’ve got tral issues and can’t do a lot of things with out one. Pleez help.

  15. I’m a 55 year old woman who’s also a VETERINARY TECHNICIAN student. And will be graduating fall of 2021. And, I now DESPERATELY NEED TO MOVE INTO A NEW APARTMENT! HOWEVER, Each APARTMENT Franchise has requested a Credit Report! And I REALLY NEED TO IMPROVE my SCORE!! All I have to do is CONSOLIDATE MY BILKS, AND I’LL BE ALL SET!! PLEASE HELP ? YOU WILL NOT REGRET THIS DECISION AT ALL!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME??!!!

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