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Only Apply for Credit Cards You Will Be Approved For - ApplyNowCredit.com

Are you ready to apply for a credit card? Do you know what it takes to narrow down your options, all with the idea of finding the perfect piece of plastic?

In today’s day and age, it’s easier than ever to apply for a credit card. You can search through offers online, learn more about the features of each one, and apply within a matter of minutes.

While this level of convenience is sure to put a smile on your face, it can also lead to trouble. Here’s how: many consumers begin to apply for credit cards that they don’t qualify for.

Before we get into the finer details of finding a credit card you will be approved for, let’s examine two reasons why this is so important:

1. To Protect Your Credit Score

Simply put, too many credit card applications in a short period of time will drag down your credit score. Subsequently, you’re making it more difficult to secure a card in the future.
Multiple applications in a short time span can put you in a bad light with credit card issuers, as they could consider you a bigger risk than others.

2. To Save Time

Your primary goal is to find and apply for the best credit card without wasting any time. However, if you continue to apply for credit cards that are “out of your league,” it’s possible that you could waste one day after the next and never make any real progress.

Moving forward in an efficient manner starts with having a clear idea of the types of cards you’ll qualify for.

Focus On These Factors

Credit card issuers consider many factors when making a decision on your application. Knowledge of these factors will move you closer to credit card offers that best suit your situation.

Here are three things to think about:

Credit Score – Every credit card offer has a “credit score range” attached to it. For example, there are cards for people with poor credit as well as those for good and excellent credit. If your credit score is in the 500’s, don’t apply for an offer that requires an excellent score.

Credit History – A strong credit history will improve your chance of an approval. Conversely, if you have no history or several delinquencies on your credit report, you should understand the impact (and what you can do to help your situation).

Income – Just the same as your credit score, your income has a lot to do with whether or not you’re approved. When reviewing an offer, learn more about the minimum income requirement. If you don’t make enough money, it’s time to move on.

Final Thoughts

As noted by the Official Guide to Government Information and Services, it’s important to shop around to find the card that is best for you.

When doing so, remember that it’s best to only apply for credit cards you will be approved for. This will help your credit score avoid unnecessary damage, speed up the process, and allow you feel better about your financial situation as a whole.

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16 thoughts on “Only Apply for Credit Cards You Will Be Approved For”

  1. Problems with credit score is on disability. Trying to change do date to work. With payment schedule, three Wednesday off month. Causing late fee. A lot, and afixing score. One many ideas is secure card but hope not. Just a start. Thank you in advance. Of contacting.

  2. I’m looking for a secured credit card which will also help improve my credit score/rating!! Maybe a $300-$500 limit starting off with the option of increasing??!! This will b my 1st credit card n I want to make sure I get the best APR !! I’m looking forward to hearing from you n the near future!!


  3. Im a mother of two and single. I desperately need a Line of credit. I do not care what the APR is. Just give me one shot at this please. Im worth it.

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