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The Jasper Mastercard®, issued by WebBank, is designed for professionals seeking a different type of credit card experience.

Forget everything you know about credit cards.

That’s the Jasper Mastercard® tagline, and it provides a clear idea of what the company is trying to portray to its audience. They want people to see credit cards in a different light.

How is the Jasper Mastercard® Different?

There are quite a few details that set the Jasper Mastercard® apart from the competition, with these three among the most important:

  • Advanced technology: The Jasper Mastercard® takes a different approach than other credit cards of today. Through advanced technology, it considers your future, as opposed to only look at your past. And for that reason, you may qualify even if your credit history is limited.
  • A credit building partner: Let’s face it. Some credit card companies want to do nothing more than hand you a line of credit and charge you interest when you carry a balance. But that’s not what you get with the Jasper Mastercard®. They take great pride in acting as your credit building partner, which puts you on the path to a better financial future.
  • Helping you fight debt: The team at Jasper Mastercard® believes that minimizing debt is critical to your financial health. So, their business model is built around the idea of helping you avoid debt.

Features of the Jasper Mastercard®

There is no shortage of features and benefits associated with the Jasper Mastercard®. Here are a handful that should get you excited about this offer:

  • Satisfaction guarantee: If for any reason you’re dissatisfied with a purchase on your Jasper Mastercard®, you can contact them to express your concerns. Purchases are protected for 60 days.
  • Purchase assurance: This provides protection for 90 days after damage, theft, or loss of purchases made with your Jasper Mastercard®.
  • Online monitoring dashboard: After activating this feature, you gain access to a dashboard that displays personally identifiable information (PII) data associated with your account. This includes but is not limited to your risk score and identity alerts.

Other Things to Know

As you dig around, you’ll learn more about the Jasper Mastercard® and what it can do for you. But until then, here are three other things to know:

  • You will earn one percent cash back on every purchase, which you can then receive automatically every month as an account credit.
  • Up to a $5,000 credit limit.
  • No credit history or credit score required.

Final Thoughts on the Jasper Mastercard®

It’s easy to believe that all credit cards are created equal, but the Jasper Mastercard® blows this theory out of the water.

With so many benefits, it is worth your time to learn more about the Jasper Mastercard®—as it pertains to your financial circumstances—before applying for another offer.

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