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When it comes to top players in the credit card space, not many are on the same level as Visa. Founded in 1958 and processing more than 100 billion transactions per year, you can’t go wrong when you rely on this credit card company. As a world renowned brand, you can use your Visa almost everywhere credit cards are accepted. Below, we share information on some of the most popular Visa credit cards, including details on fees, purchase APRs, credit requirements, and so much more.


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A global payment system services that handles financial transfers between consumers, businesses and a variety of institutions, Visa provides cardholders with the ability to shop at more than 29 million merchants worldwide. A wide array of banks issue Visa cards, including Credit One and Open Sky, and all these credit cards sport the company's logo. Whether your credit score is poor or excellent, Apply Now Credit lists Visa cards that might be right for you.

Some Visa providers also make use of a growing variety of features that provide you with extra convenience and security. Cardholders with special chips inside their Visa credit cards can use contactless payment for smaller purchases that lets them tap the terminal instead of swiping the magnetic strip. Some also have chips inside that allow for physical insertion and verification of the card, giving consumers an extra level of financial security during transactions. Verified by Visa helps protect your credit card from phishing scams when you make online purchases. When considering Visa credit cards, check the range of potential benefits offered by each one. For example, Credit One Bank Visa credit cards offers email and text alerts to remind you when bills are due or when your available credit runs low. Regular purchases APRs for these cards sit between 16.99 and 24.99%, and as with all Visa cards, you have $0 liability for fraudulent charges should you report your card lost or stolen.

Use the information listed here at Apply Now Credit to decide which Visa card from top providers works for you. Our fast, secure application process can determine your eligibility quickly and get a Visa credit card in your hands within just days.

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