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Credit building on your terms.

You decide how much to spend and how many months of payment history to build. There’s no minimum time commitment – you can pay your balance in full at any time.

Grow payment history, guaranteed.

With AutoPay we automatically settle your balance on time, every month. This guarantees you build your payment history – and your credit.

Reach your financial goals.

Every month we report your payments to the major credit bureaus. Grow your credit to get that apartment lease, car loan, those lower interest rates.

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Sign up for Kikoff Credit Service.

Apply in minutes with no credit pull. Purchase the Kikoff Credit Service for $5/month[1]. This account is designed to build long-term credit and give you a low utilization rate.

Make your first payment.

Your payment goes toward your Credit Account balance and payment history gets reported to the credit bureaus. This account stays open as long as your Kikoff account is active.

Open your Credit Builder Loan.

After your first payment, you’ll unlock access to the 0% interest and $0 fees Credit Builder Loan. Pay 12 installments of $10/month, after which we will return your $120 back to you.

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