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September 10, 2019

As a college student, there are many benefits of applying for a credit card. While you have hundreds of options to choose from, the Deserve Edu credit card is an industry leader.

When you apply for the Deserve credit card, you’ll come to realize that the unique process is designed to suit your wants and needs, not those of the issuer. 

Thanks to machine learning and the use of alternative data, Deserve doesn’t focus solely on your credit score and history to make a decision on your application. 

Instead, Deserve uses a proprietary algorithm that focuses largely on your current financial health and spending habits. 

Here are five reasons why the Deserve Edu student credit card is a top choice:

1. No Annual Fee

College students have enough expenses. The last thing they need is a student credit card with an annual fee.

With no annual fee, you gain access to a variety of benefits, without the requirement of paying for them. 

This is in stark contrast to student credit cards with an annual fee ranging from $49 to $100 or more. 

2. No Deposit Required

Many student credit cards require a deposit as a means of protecting the issuer. The Deserve Edu credit card doesn’t require a deposit, thus allowing it to work in the same manner as any other unsecured credit card.

Most college students don’t have the money (or desire) to make an upfront deposit, so this is a powerful benefit.  

3. 1% Cash Back on All Purchases

It feels good to get something in return for using a credit card. With one percent cash back on all purchases, students have the opportunity to earn cash while they spend.

For example, if you spend $5,000 on your credit card over the course of a year, you’ll earn $50. Best yet, you don’t have to do anything to obtain the money. It’s added directly to your account. 

4. Free Amazon Prime Student Membership

If you were to pay for this on your own, it would set you back $59 per year. While not the largest expense, it’s money out of your pocket nonetheless.

The Deserve Edu credit card takes care of this for you. This membership allows you to purchase millions of items without ever leaving your dorm room. Not to mention the fact that they’re shipped fast (within two days) and free.

5. Start Building Your Credit History

Some college students wait until after graduation to turn their attention to building their credit history and boosting their score. It’s okay to take this approach, but it can make it difficult to rent an apartment or buy a car.

The Deserve Edu credit card allows you to build your credit history while you’re still in school. This way you can hit the ground running upon graduation.

Final Thoughts

The Deserve Edu student credit card is unlike anything else you’ll find. From the manner in which your application is reviewed to the many benefits, it won’t be long before you realize that this offer could do wonders for your finances and future. 

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