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There may come a time when you need to make a purchase that you can’t afford to pay for in full. In this case, you may turn your immediate attention to a credit card. While that’s an option, don’t get ahead of yourself. Instead, learn more about Zebit.

Zebit is an online marketplace with “buy now and pay over time” options. It’s similar to using a credit card as you don’t need all the money for the purchase upfront. It’s this flexibility that’s made Zebit so popular.

The Benefits of Zebit

The ability to buy now and pay over time is the primary benefit of using Zebit, but that’s just the start. There are many other reasons to give this service a second look.

  • Bad credit isn’t a deal breaker: If you have bad credit, securing a credit card is easier said than done. But with Zebit, your chances are much better. Even with less than stellar credit, you can receive up to $1,500 for an initial spending limit. That’s a lot of money. 
  • Pay over six months: You have six months to pay off your purchase. This allows for six preplanned, equal payments. You’ll know upfront what the purchase is going to cost you overall. This makes it easier to budget.
  • No last minute changes: You’ll never pay more than the price at checkout. There are no last minute changes that make you second guess if you should proceed. 
  • Shop 1,500 + brands: There’s no shortage of brands to choose from. You don’t have to worry about finding what you’re looking for. It’s here. You simply need to work through the marketplace until you find the right item. Categories include but are not limited to video games, audio, electronics, appliances, and furniture to name a few. 

Do You Need Good Credit?

As noted above, bad credit isn’t a deal breaker. Here’s what the Zebit website has to say about this:

We do not require a FICO score to qualify for credit to shop at Zebit. Instead, we look at various factors from the specialty credit reporting agencies and our own criteria to determine your eligibility.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll qualify, but bad credit or no credit won’t necessarily hold you back. 

Is there any money due upfront?

Yes, with most items you’ll make a down payment. From there, you’ll make a predetermined number of fixed bi-weekly payments. And of course, you have the ability to pay off the balance due at any time. 

Final Thoughts on Zebit

Zebit is a specialty service. It’s not the right choice for every consumer, but there are definitely times when it makes sense. 

If you have bad credit or no credit, learn more about Zebit and its marketplace. It may be the perfect alternative to a credit card or loan. 


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