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Kovo Credit

When it comes to building credit, living your life and hoping for the best isn’t a winning strategy. Instead, there are specific steps you can take to accelerate the process and ensure that you’re on the right path. Using Kovo Credit Builder is one of the many steps you should consider.

What is Kovo Credit Builder?

Kovo Credit Builder is designed to help you build credit with small monthly payments. Here’s the basic three-step process:

  • Build your credit with installment payments of $10/month over the course of 24 months.
  • You pay for access to courses that will help you pick up useful skills (more on this below).
  • Earn with rewards, such as one percent back on eligible loans.

In short, you’re paying for Kovo Credit Builder courses on credit. Since payment history has a big impact on your credit score, your activity over 24 months will work in your favor. 

What are Kovo Credit Builder courses?

If you’re going to spend $10 per month, you at least want to make sure you’re getting something valuable in return. And with Kovo Credit Builder that’s definitely the case. 

Here’s a list of current courses:

  • Job Interview Skills, Interview Strategy & Answer Scripts
  • Self Confidence & Self Esteem: Confidence via Self-Awareness
  • Entrepreneurship: How To Start A Business From Business Idea
  • Personal Branding Path To Top 1% Influencer Personal Brand
  • Stress Management With Time Management For Burnout & Anxiety
  • Entrepreneurship: Sales Training, Techniques and Methods
  • Ecommerce Bootcamp Academy – Google Sheets Fundamentals
  • Intro to Programming
  • Google Sheets Fundamentals

As you can see, all of these courses are designed to enhance your personal and/or professional lives. For example, if you’re seeking a new job, the job interview skills course can prepare you for success.

Frequently asked questions

As a unique concept, it’s natural to have questions about Kovo Credit Builder. Here are some of the most frequently asked.

  • Are there any fees? Kovo Credit Builder never charges fees. There are no fees for setup, membership, or late payments. 
  • Is there a credit check? You don’t have to agree to a credit check to sign up for Kovo Credit Builder. This allows you to quickly sign up for a Kovo Credit Builder account.
  • Does Kovo Credit Builder report to the major credit bureaus? Every month, Kovo Credit Builder reports your activity to TransUnion, Equifax, Experian, and Innovis. This ensures that you get “credit” for making your installment payment. This is what will help you build credit.


Kovo Credit Builder’s  public benefit mission is to “create an environment where economic mobility is more prevalent and people have more power to influence their financial well-being.”

If you’re seeking a way to build credit for the first time or repair bad credit, Kovo Credit Builder is a tool to consider. It can go a long way in helping you reach many of your financial goals. 


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2 thoughts on “Credit Spotlight: Kovo Credit Builder”

  1. Kevo sounds really good and I really want a credit card but not the little 300 &400 that they’re giving out.
    I have a bank account and I get SSI on the direct deposit card and I been paying Afterpay for items and I don’t know how much they expect me to pay but I’m getting back on my feet and it’s a long story but believe me, I can pay a credit card bill.
    Sincerely goddessreniel@gmail.com

    1. Hi dawn I’m kinda in same boat with you and I’m also looking for a credit card and on SSI and I’ve got afterpay also let me know if you have gotten any luck with a credit card getting back on my feet also but like you I can make a monthly credit card payment I have fair credit this message pertains to anyone out there in same boat and has found a good credit card thank you dawn and anyone else willing to message me back and I will do the same and also which is better or can you do both kovo and/ or kickoff
      Sincerely, Peggy davis

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